Letter of Postponement

Dear Delegates, Exhibitors and Guests,

The COVID-19 virus scare is still largely present and the situation in Singapore is still evolving with new cases, though very small in numbers, on a daily basis. The Singapore government has been taking the best containment and healthcare measures possible. This has been paying off well in containing the spread of virus, help in contact tracing and also well as recovery of patients some of whom have been critically ill. So far there is no casualty in Singapore arising from the COVID-19 virus infection. The recovery rates have been phenomenal. Nevertheless, the DORSCON alert is still kept at Orange as there are still uncertainties how the condition would evolve.

Considering the above situation, the organizing committee of OCEANS 2020 Singapore have decided to postpone the conference to 11 to 14 Aug 2020. The details of revised schedule will be available on the conference website shortly. This postponement has not been a difficult decision to take when it comes to the safety and health of our delegates.  We also understand that the success of a conference will be assessed based on the number of participants who attend the conference. We estimated that more than 60% of the expected delegates cannot make it to the conference, if it is held during 6-9 April 2020, given the travel restrictions in place by both Singapore and other governments around the world. So, we believe this postponement is in the larger interest of the delegates who attend OCEANS Conferences.

Rescheduling the conference, however, has not been that easy as we have to consider various other issues like availability of the venue, conflicts with other similar conferences around the world, availability of plenary speakers etc. Yet another constraint was that many other conferences in Singapore, and at the same venue, were also rescheduling their conferences. Marina Bays Sands have been considerate in granting us the revised dates and we appreciate their support. I believe that we have a schedule which allows sufficient time to reduce the impact of corona virus and at the same time not too close to the next OCEANS scheduled in late October 2020. There is also a sufficient time for the attendees for their planning.

We hope that the delegates, exhibitors and other guests would continue to support the conference even though this rescheduling may upset some of their future engagements. The success of the conference is measured by your participation and contribution. Even so, should any of the delegates would like to request for a refund we shall consider it favorably and arrange for the same. Details on the refund process will be posted on the website shortly. Please allow us some time to process your request.

Looking forward to seeing you all in August.

Venugopalan Pallayil
General Chair, OCEANS 2020 Singapore.
(For Organizing Committee)

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