Technical Program Topics

OCEANS 2020 Singapore will be a great event for information sharing and networking, with an Exhibition, several tutorials on special interest topics, hundreds of technical presentations and a student poster program.

Singapore’s Special Topics and Technical Sessions:
  • Underwater communications in challenging
  • Acoustic propagation in littoral waters
  • Ballast water management and hull cleaning regulations
  • Technologies for monitoring climate change
  • Field marine robotics
  • Managing marine growth & corrosion in tropical waters
OCEANS Technical Sessions, Standard Topics:
  • Underwater Acoustics and Acoustical Oceanography
  • Sonar Signal/Image Processing and Communication
  • Ocean Observing Platforms, Systems, and Instrumentation
  • Remote Sensing
  • Ocean data Visualization, Modeling, and Information Management
  • Marine Environment, Oceanography, and Meteorology
  • Optics, Imaging, Vision, and E-M Systems
  • Marine Law, Policy, Management, and Education
  • Offshore, Structure and Technology
  • Ocean Vehicles and Floating Structures

Sponsoring Societies